Meet Jenny Nali

Onwunali Jennifer, popularly known as Jenny Nali is a Model, painter, personal shopper and practicing chef. Her passion for modeling is driven by the end products of the pictures or videos; the joy they give her, and that in a way was the reason why she started modeling. She also was motivated when an international model told her she had the perfect height, skin and face for modelling.
The no i got was more than the yes; but hey, with just few yes look at where i am now.
She started modeling in 2014 (on and off) but made it official in 2016; so far she has realized nothing good comes easy. By 2020, Jenny Nali expects to be scouting models for big brands and agency; even better, her own industry.
Personally my growth is inevitable, so I'd keep growing in the industry.

See More Pictures of Jenny Nali Below:

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