Chinese Food Birthday

What’s a celebration without something to munch on yeah?

So, my birthday was over a week ago (yeah yeah, I know I should have posted this earlier please don’t eat me), and after a morning pep talk on “being a man” (as usual) by my dad and his wife, having my regular morning cereal, doing the necessary morning activities, staying indoors through the afternoon praying (don’t even give that look, YES, I take my prayers to my creator seriously), watching TV, chatting and yeah launching this blog; My dad’s wife decided to take me for a treat later that evening.

We hopped in the car and she drove straight to a Chinese restaurant on Aromire Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, called SUNRICE. Parked the car, went into the restaurant and settled at a table. Ever heard of “Special treatment”? Yhup, I felt special; Chinese menu, waiter waiting, me asking questions like “Sorry is the minced beef cow beef or goat beef?” (Please don’t laugh at me, I just wanted to say something). Anyways, we place our order and I requested to have the Minced beef soup, Fried rice with shrimps, stir-fried chicken with curry sauce and a bottle of Sprite. Sounds simple yeah?

Minced Beef Soup

Anyways, before our meal hits the table we are served with hot towels and then almost immediately after, in front of me was the Minced beef soup and a bottle of sprite.

{Long Pause}

Yes! I know I’m not just imagining things; I’ve always had this soup that was so transparent and I tasted when I was younger at my granny’s in my head for a long time now and this just proves that I’m not insane; although I didn’t like it. Anyways, let me just dive in and enjoy myself, at least like my dad’s wife will say:

Taste is acquired.

Sorry but no! I don’t think I can acquire this taste ever. First off, the viscous nature kept the heat within the soup, then it just had to taste like… exactly I can’t explain the taste, it was just like putting a spoon of thick hot water in my mouth with mined beef and mushrooms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the soup was bad; I picked out all the minced beef to consume; but no, it’s not yet my time to acquire this taste(my dad’s wife loved it though so you can try it out and know what your taste buds can accommodate).

Yhup! I didn't finish it. PS: That's mushrooms in it and not beef.

Well, after a few more spoons and my inability to locate any more minced beef in the soup, I gave up and gulped down some sprite.

Fried rice with shrimps and stir-fried chicken with curry sauce.

Now to the main course. The table was cleared and then in front of me was a plate of Fried rice with shrimps and a bowl of stir-fried chicken with curry sauce (Now this looks more like something I’ve tasted before at my granny’s restaurant). So I serve some fried rice into my plate and scoop some sauce just beside it and without wasting time, I dived in straight! My dad’s wife just smiled and said “You like that?” and with some food in my mouth I replied nodding my head and saying “Yes ma”.

It was just a blessing to my taste buds and I just wanted to keep eating. But no, Chinese food just has to be very filling. I didn’t finish the food and neither did dad’s wife but we asked them to pack it as take away, ordered the same dish for dad and sat back to allow the blessing digest. I stepped it down with a gulp of soft drink while dad’s wife sipped on her tea. Immediately the waiter came with the packs, bill and all was sorted, we took off.

Thank you to my dad’s wife for the wonderful treat!

I’d like to say conclusively that my judgement on taste may not be yours so please do not try these dishes with my thoughts of them in mind, try them with an open mind and you’d allow your taste buds determine what they are/are not into.

I would research more on how these are made and write an articles on each of them as we ride together and they may also come with videos, so be sure to stick around.

Thanks for reading and please drop a comment and share this with anyone you can.

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  1. I find the journey hilarious �������� Enjoyment sha...

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    So funny tho.
    But it was nice..

  3. Minced beef soup is not even looking alright to me πŸ˜• like how on earth is that even a pass me some fried rice and shrimp please πŸ˜‹

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